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    Ok here is the link

    now for some reason thew newsticker and recent release rotator do not work i have the javascript in the header and its to the right place i believe now, cause when i use firebug and click on it it shows the file and whats in it, it use to work fine untill i switched servers everything else all the other javascript works just not those

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    I would say at this point that it would help if you seriously narrowed down the issue. Maybe set up some test code. Take the code that isn’t working, put it in a new file and put that on the server. That way we won’t have to look through all the lines of code to figure it out. I am not even sure by looking at your site what you are trying to accomplish with the ticker. Seeing an example would help.

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    for recent releases:
    have you got your src correct for the li’s?
    I would not start with the/ in the li’s

    this is like having 2 // in the address bar.

    check you have the correct source of the articles/images and test … lease1.jpg = not found
    your code was giving me this: … lease1.jpg

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