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    I just need to figure out how to target this element in CSS so I can customize it’s appearance. I’m trying to get at the list item with the “status_press-2” id. I’ve already been able to get to both list items, but I want to style just the one list item individually.
    it looks like this in firebug:

    do I have to reference both the id and class?

    The following do not work:

    #sidebar ul li.#status_press-2 {}
    #sidebar ul li #status_press-2 {}
    #sidebar li #status_press-2{}
    ul li #status_press-2 {}
    ul li.#status_press-2 {}

    etc… and many variations.
    i’m always surprised at how quickly it gets complicated to reference some of this things, I’m obviously ignorant on something when it comes to CSS.
    unfortunately i’m working on this locally, so I do not have a link for you. If you could help, that would be fantastic, hope I’m being clear on my problem here.


    Target what is unique to that specific list item. That would either be #status_press-2 or #status_press-3


    okay, well, sometimes it takes someone else to point out the obvious to me.
    Thanks! (turns out I also had another CSS style that was obscuring my results)


    No problem

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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