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    I transferred my wordpress site from a test server to a new server. The home page of the site doesn’t look right and when I look at the Error console, it seems that two compiled stylesheets can’t be accessed. Here’s the screenshot:

    These stylesheets are bring produced by my theme framework (Pageline’s DMS2) and aren’t files I have made myself. I can tell that some of my formatting from an override stylesheet I made is working, but these missing compiled stylesheets are important too.

    My website’s new server:
    Website test server (working fine):

    I am wondering if this is related to file permissions? Since moving to the new server, whenever I try to upload a theme file or install a plugin via the WordPress Dashboard, I have to keep entering the FTP info. I didn’t have to do this on my test server. So I’m wondering if this block is also preventing these stylesheets from working?

    Any responses would be welcome.

    Cheers, R


    Thanks BenWalker:

    You are right: the compiled stylesheet isn’t even in the folder where it should be.

    I’ve taken screenshots of my FTP file permissions panel for each folder leading up to where the stylesheets could be. Maybe I have something set wrong? Here you go:

    The framework itself shows no error messages, nor does the WordPress Dashboard. Everything in the back end looks okay. In fact, when I’m logged into WP and the framework, the site appears fine in Chrome. When I log out, it all falls apart.

    Where on the server would I check for error messages? In the hosting control panel? Unfortunately I only have limited access to the hosting server in that I can access the phpMyAdmin area to upload the database and that’s it. The company I work for hasn’t given me access elsewhere.

    The Error panel in Chrome just shows the errors in that screengrab I linked to in my previous post.

    Thanks for your reply and maybe the problem lies with permissions. I look forward to your thoughts.

    Cheers, R


    OK, thanks. I’ll see what I can do. I’m heading out at the moment, but I’ll try again later.

    I’ve already raised this issue with the web hosting company so they can help troubleshoot.

    To answer your question, no, it isn’t easy to upload anything through WP on this new server: every time I try to upload a theme or plugin, I have to re-enter all my FTP credentials. Total pain.

    Thanks for your help. Have a good weekend!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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