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    Hi. I have a page with a large container, then within that there are three smaller sub containers floating about. When my code detects a “splash image” for the folder the user is in, it will add the class “subtle” to the three div’s class definitions. That makes the divs have opacity: 0.2. I’d like to be able to hover over any of the three and have all three go opacity: 1. I figured I’d put that on the container itself, but apparently it doesn’t trickle down. I tried making the container opaque, but then the background image also goes opaque and makes it pointless.

    So is there a way if I hover any of the three sub divs to make them all change? Thanks!

    PS: I almost couldn’t register. The “human check” question was “What is the acronym for Cascading Style Sheets”. CSS isn’t an acronym, it’s an initialism. At least, I’ve never heard it used as an acronym (that’d be weird, you’d sound like a snake heh). The site didn’t like the response “that’s a trick question” lol :)


    Are you looking for something like this:


    Ahhh yes! Thank you so much. That did it. I didn’t think about targeting it that way.

    I -really- need to get a good CSS book and study up rather than doing this learn as I go method, lol.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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