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    The select list has the first item “Between” and the two input on its right are visible. under these three fields there is a submit button.

    My problem is when the first item “Between” is not selected, the submit button jump under the select list, and when you click to select an item from it, the items hide the button.

    How to leave the button in the same place or just put it little bit away.

    Here is my code :

    <html:form action="MQFteSearch" method="post" styleId="metadataSearchForm">
    <div class="SearchForm">
    <label class="formLabel">Date Span</label>
    <html:select styleId="date" property="criteriaDate" styleClass="criteria" tabindex="9">
    <!--html:option value="">Select a date range/html:option-->
    <html:option value="Between">Between</html:option>
    <html:option value="Last 3 days">Last 3 days</html:option>
    <html:option value="Last 7 days">Last 7 days</html:option>
    <html:option value="Last week">Last week</html:option>
    <html:option value="Last month">Last month</html:option>
    <html:option value="This month">This month</html:option> 
    <div id="dateExtension"> 
    <html:text property="valueOneDate" styleClass="value" tabindex="10" styleId="valueOneDate"/>
    <html:text property="valueTwoDate" styleClass="value" tabindex="11" styleId="valueTwoDate"/>
    <input titleKey="title.metadataSearch" type="submit" name="submit" 
    class="submitButton" style="margin-left:-85px;margin-top:30px" 
    value='<bean:message key="label.mqfteSearch" />'
    role="button" aria-controls="MetadataSearch" />  

    Could you make a Codepen for us to tinker with?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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