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    Currently coding a new bootstrap 3 site, and need to do something I’ve never had to do before, and it’s got me baffled and wondering whether it can be done.

    I have a standard 4-bucket footer, all of equal widths, and I need to make the 4th footer of a highlight background colour that continues to the edge of the screen. Obviously highlighting the one div is easy, but it’s the making the highlight stretch into the wrapping container I can’t work out. One way is to use a background image and align it left, but I can’t use images – it all needs to be in css/less colour values as I’m defining a colour value through the admin via less. The only way I’ve managed to get it going is defining a css3 gradient that starts in the grey and then suddenly becomes blue, but making it responsive is messy.

    Ideas? I’ve attached an image to accompany my poor explanation.

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    You can…search here for “full width browser bars”…to get the idea.


    Thanks so much – implemented and it’s worked. Great to know for future too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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