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    Hey everyone – this is sort of a “what would you do?” type of thread as well as a petition to anyone who has a really deep understanding of SEO to pipe hopefully :)

    First off, I’m not an SEO expert. I know my way around and I have a fairly good understanding of the basics, at least I think I do lol.

    I’ve got a client I do a lot of work with. They are in a fairly mainstream business category (healthcare), which also means that it’s a very competitive category. The website they have now is actually doing pretty well and they are driving quite a bit of business from it, but at the same time they are spending a significant amount of money on adwords and other types of campaigns every month.

    Their hope is to increase their exposure by being included in more general searches for what they do organically.

    My advice to all my clients is that the main thing they can do to help SEO efforts is focusing on the content. Continually developing the best content that is comprehensive and to keep working on expanding and improving it. I’ve never been a huge advocate of link farming or anything like that, so I’m not really experienced on that side of the coin. But as I understand it, one rather big component of a site’s relevance is the literal website url.

    Back to their goal: more organic traffic. This client just got into a position to potentially purchase a domain that is a literal match to one of most searched terms that we’re marketing heavily. So imagine that a most searched term is “Hearth Surgery” and you can get

    The question they are posing to me is basically, “We’ve got this opportunity – do you think that if we spend the next 6 months to a year intentionally developing this site with the best content out there we can capture a lot of natural/organic traffic on Google/Yahoo/Bing?”

    My response was hesitant because obviously I can guarantee x,y or z is actually going to happen. But I did say that given the time and the energy they want to put into developing a kick ass site that really does aim to provide the best content and solutions that are out there stands a good chance to ranking very well and continuing to grow.

    It’s a rather large sum of money they are looking at potentially investing in this domain (many thousands). I’m just wondering if anyone has any insight. Am I off my rocker? Does my response sound viable? Would it be a dumb decision to try and build something like this versus something else? I’m trying to do some additional SEO research but I trust the people here to give me the straight skinny if they know :) The last thing I want is these guys to end up feeling like they wasted a lot of money down the road.

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    It wouldn’t hurt at all, so long as the sites do not have the same content. Of course that is fundamental…If they were treated as two separate entities, optimized as such, and are actually given the same amount of effort to gain authority they would more than likely benefit each other. It wouldn’t be link farming even with reciprocal links because there are only two of them…remember, link farm sites are generally multiple sites with similar content overstuffed with ridiculous keyword phrases that usually have nothing to do with the content…As long as you are confident in your SEO abilities and know that you are in fact using white hat techniques, there should be no cause for concern…The domain name does help a lot but remember you need to optimize for whatever keyword is in the url. If it says “” and you talk about plastic surgery you will probably not rank very well at all lol. At the end of the day I think it comes down to you just being confident in your skills and going for it, just make sure you stay on the content path, I heard word that Google is developing a search algorithm that reads pages almost literally as a human would…Keep content as King and you won’t have to worry about the next couple updates. Best of luck, hopefully that made sense its 3 am im a little tired ahaha.

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    Thanks for the reply! I definitely agree. I typically tell people to be very careful in selecting people that say things like “I know a bunch of SEO tricks” because ultimately search engines are interested in not supporting “techniques” but instead really great content.

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