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    Hi, I’m making a website for my dad, I’m not exactly sure what it is he does but its something to do with assessing the ecological impact of buildings or something. Anyway, he got qualifications from some companies so he could do this and wants to put their logos on his website to show his customers that he has the qualifications.
    However their logos are very ugly so i was thinking of changing the colour or their logos to black and making them see through with a inner shadow so you can only really see the outline. And then on a separate page somewhere I would out their actual logos untouched but im not sure if I am allowed to change their logos like this.

    This is some text from one of the companies website.


    The information and images contained on our websites are the property of BRE unless explicitly stated to the contrary. They are protected by copyright laws. Material may be downloaded free of charge or printed without requiring specific permission but remains the intellectual property, technical know how and copyrighted material of BRE. Such material is not to be used in a derogatory manner, in a misleading context or for commercial purposes. If the material is being issued to others, the source including the web address and copyright status must be acknowledged. We may require you to register your details before downloading certain information or documents.

    Trade Marks

    BRE, BREEAM, EcoHomes, Smartwaste, SmartLIFE, Envest, the Green Guide, and Insight are all registered trade marks owned by BRE and may not be used without BRE’s written permission.

    Thanks A Lot


    You’re asking if you can alter the appearance of their logo without being sued? Legally, no, you can’t, they can sue you. Realistically, yeah, you’re fine. They’re not going to bother suing you for changing their logo to black and white and putting some inner shadow on it. It’s just not worth their time. They can’t get a lot of money out of an individual to make it worth their while. They like suing other companies for multimillion dollars.

    However, if for whatever reason they get urked that you changed their logo, they’d send you an email to change it long before they start any litigation against you. Again, it’s not with their time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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