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    I am working on a fairly graphical site that is going to be introduced to the public this Friday on a national news program (20/20).

    I started thinking that this site is going to be viewed for the first time on a lot of iPads while people are watching the program. Or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t watch TV without an iPad in my lap in the year 2012!

    The iPad 3 with a Hi DPI display is a very popular device, and I assume there are Android tablets that also sport Hi DPI. This got me thinking how to best do my Hi DPI artwork for this particular site. There is a fair bit of line-art-type decorative artwork being used. Normally these would be PNGs. I could save out 2x PNGs & scale using Background-Size. Then I started thinking that I should really just use SVGs for these simple line-art elements, but only for Hi DPI devices, while serving a regular PNG to non Hi DPI devices. The line-art style of the artwork really screams for a simple vector graphic format like SVG.

    My lingering concern is that I am unsure how safe an assumption I am making when I assume any Hi DPI device (as reported by a Media Query) can work with an SVG file.

    I’m a little biased personally in favor of SVG: I have spent most of my career doing print design where vector graphics have been in use since the dawn of the Mac. It’s so frustrating that in the ‘high-tech’ world of web design vector graphics have barely gotten off the ground, they certainly haven’t cleared the tower! It seems so Stone Age.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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