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    I am making a website for a client with wordpress. his old website has posts as far back as 2007.

    i wanted to copy all his posts over to the new website but want them to look like they were posted back in those dates. i was wondering if it was possible to do this at all? or is it just a case where if i add a post today, it’s gonna say it was posted today?

    is there any way to get round this problem? i don’t mind if it’s just something i have to deal with, i’d just like to know either way!

    thanks guys!

    this is the website that i will be taking the posts from


    if your link shows every post you have on the site, then you can use the export/import feature in the tools menu on wordpress. this only works for smaller sites, and wouldn’t be the best solution if you have hundreds and hundreds of posts.

    if you did have a large site, then backing up your database and doing some fancy foot work in that area would be required.


    Rob MacKay

    at the very least you can date each post to whenever you like, forward or backwards. (if it’s forwards it will not be published until that date)


    thanks for both of your replies. each of them has brought up some interesting solutions for me.

    i think i might try and import the old posts like rudy says. it’s something i feel i should know about so i’m going to investigate that.

    and i really like the idea of being able to change the dates of the post as robski says. is this something simple that i will find in the post options or does it require some trickery? ( i will research this as well)

    so thanks for the information guys. very helpful stuff and very very appreciated!!! :D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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