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    I am working on upgrading one of my sites from table based layout to CSS. I think I have a plan for everything except the main nav bar. I can do the menu with a horizontal UL, but do not know how to make the multicolored backgrounds for the various links – turquoise, lime, orange and so on. It will be template based in Dreamweaver.

    See the top line in this site – CM Commercial

    Looking for suggestions on how to do this.


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    You should be able to do this by assigning each of the links a unique class, and then giving that class a different background color using CSS.

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    Thanks for the tip, I think I am on the right track. I have the system working with my menu, but have two new issues.

    my test site

    On the top nav menu I have the colors in place, but there are small gaps of the turquoise navcontainer showing in between the white borders and the various colored li elements. I have firebugged it to death, but cannot find any random padding or margin that will make it go away. Any suggestions for me.

    Second issue, the lack of white border to the left of the Home link is kind of annoying, but if I put in a left and right border on the li element, it is too thick everywhere else. Is there a solution to this?

    My CSS is here:

    Thanks in advance,


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    float those bad boys left.

    ul#navlist li {float:left;}


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    Cool, works great, thanks for your help.


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