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    hello guys.. m one 0f the young in css n html and build my first website.. but i don’t have any idea about uploading. so can anyone help me…if you wish..

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    You can host basic HTML/CSS websites on Dropbox.

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    You can host a site yourself as well if needed. Cheap computers like the Raspberry Pi have very low running costs and most home internet packages provide sufficient bandwidth to cover a small site’s need, provided there aren’t many large files to download. Keep images to a minimum and use external hosting for video.

    You can find free domain names pretty easily, and then just need to associate them with your own ip address, telling your router to forward Port 80 requests to your machine.

    If you have a specific query, maybe start with that. I’m sure I’m not alone in having tried cheap/free methods of hosting websites before I moved to paying for server space.

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    Try this []( “”) you can also try local hosting if you just want to experiment Wamp would be for windows Mamp if your in mac, and if you want a free domain try

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    thanks mate..its works..cheers

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