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    I have created a website for a friend of mine that is a musician. The website is not live yet, it is on a hidden portion of the server. Anyways, the website is using jquery to handle the "pages". All of the code is actually on the index page and the jquery tells what div on the page to show when a link on the navigation is clicked… If you look at the site in Firefox, and you let the page load… once you click on a link, you will notice the edges of the website will jump a lot… all of the pages do this, and I am not sure what is causing it. It looks fine in IE, but does it in Firefox and Safari… Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Site Address:

    Thank you in advance!


    Something else to add… this problem does not show up on the following browsers…

    Mac Firefox 3.0.5
    Mac Safari 3.2.1
    PC IE 7.0
    PC Safari 3.2.1
    The site even plays nice with IE 6.0 (on my Mac through Parallels running Windows XP)…

    The only browser that I have noticed the issue on is the PC version of Firefox 3.0.5

    Any Ideas or Suggestions are Greatly Appreciated! Thank you!


    Thank you for the reply Doc… I will look and see if I can find anything on that issue… its just weird that its only in the pc version of firefox… Anyone else has any ideas???


    is where i’m assuming the problem is, and I still have not found any help on the topic. I found where the .slide was causing a jitter, but it was in all browsers, and I tried the fix, and it still didn’t fix it… Anymore ideas?


    Just wanted to post a little follow up to this… I still have not fixed the problem completely, but i have narrowed it down. For some reason, the way that I have my site setup, it does not like having <div>’s in the containing <div> that you are anchor linking to. If i take all of the <div>’s out, it slides smooth as glass with no jitter. The only other issue i am having is if the page has more information on it than what can fit in my container which i have set for overflow: auto once it has a scroll bar on the content, it will jitter, but only on that page. Does anyone else have any better ideas for getting around this? I’m about to just give up on the scroll thing and just make individual pages, but I wanted to do something different. Please let me know if you have anymore ideas! Thanks in advance…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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