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    Can some character or background-image be shown on a BR tag? Eg. an arrow like the character ↩ U+21A9 (LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK).

    I want to make a line break visible in some RTE (which is a content editable div). I searched a long time for answers, found many suggestions and solutions, but found no working code .. especially in FireFox the br-tag seems hardly stylable by CSS. I’m using HTML5.

    Here’s something that DOES work, in Webkit & Gecko :

    span:before { content: "\21A9"; }

    however, this solution needs a BR wrapped in a span .. maybe i will choose this approach .. then some JS should wrap such BR when it’s created .. i did not test that yet .. but can it all be done with CSS only on a BR tag?

    (RTE = Rich Text Editor)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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