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    I really need some help on the caching topic. I don’t have much experience when it comes to web-development (just started a few weeks ago.)

    So I was reading a lot of material on the topic of website optimization like:

    Its important to optimize images, make less http requests and such stuff.
    So I started making the following changes to my project:

    1. Fetching all css files and turned them into a single file. Removed unused CSS rules. Also some small images are embedded using Base64 then I minified the css file.
    2. HTML is also minified.
    3. Moved calls to the script files into the body section concatenated and minified also.
    4. All images are optimized jpg (around: 65 or 50%) / png when needed (not that much files though.)
    5. HTTP request to google fonts turned into a one liner (just 3 fonts which I use)

    Then after I followed all of this I used the Chrome Developer Toolbar and did some audits there, which gave me a headache about the following line:

    Leverage browser caching:
    The following resources are missing a cache expiration. Resources that do not specify an expiration may not be cached by browsers:

    Then a long list follows incl. style.css and a lot of images used in the site itself.

    So my question is:
    How to do that for images scripts or even css files (my project uses Html5 syntax might be good to know)

    On Google Pagespeed (online test) it suggest I should use browser cache.

    So maybe someone can clarify those stuff for a beginner?

    Later I used the .htaccess from the html5 boilerplate project in hope it could help but still got the same information from the Google Pagespeed Site.

    After I did the following suggestion found here:

    I’ve got an overall Page Speed Score of 98 (out of 100).

    But I’m still confused on that topic :(


    Thank you cnwtx.
    Well I’m confused because ok you said: dont worry about cache expiration, well that might be true for a small page? but for a large project?

    My hope was that someone can tell/show what would be a must have in a htaccess or the do and dont’s to make a highspeed page for example…

    best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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