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    What does everyone do for the business side of the operation? I’m starting to get quite a few requests and I’d like to figure out what everyone else does or best practices. Do you use contracts or just go based off of the proposal? If you do use contracts, is there a template you use?


    For me, starts with a discovery meeting, then a proposal, then send a contract to be signed once they decide to go with my proposal.

    Contracts are unbelievably important. You don’t think it will happen, but I’ve had to refer to a contract several times. It’s important to outline the scope of the project and make sure expectations are known right from the get go. Make sure to make it clear that any work outside of the scope would be considered a change order and will require an additional quote.


    As @TheDoc said, scopes are extremely important.
    You should define exactly what is in scope within a document.

    When someone says they want a ‘carousel’, find out exactly what that means, never assume you know what they mean.
    When you ask what’s on a page and they say “You know heading, some content, an image, yada yada”, find out exactly what ‘yada yada’ means :p

    Scope Document -> Design Document -> Wireframe -> Design -> Development

    I hope I’m not forgetting anything lol.

    Best two words ever: “Manage expectations”.


    Thanks guys. Does anyone know of somewhere online where I can find out how to get a contract setup?

    , that’s interesting about Freshbooks. I recently signed up for an account and was wondering about that. I noticed the “Terms” section while creating a new estimate. Do you have any ideas or examples of what I could use for terms of agreement? Or a resource online that I could use for something like this?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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