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    I am creating a website for a doctor. He has a practice that he owns, and Last week he just bought another practice. The practice that he bought is operating under a different name obviously, since it was owned before by another doctor. So I dont think it would be a good idea to change the newly bought practices name since that name is already familiar to patients in that area and customer base. So here is the problem:

    Lets call the 1st practice the doctor owns a hypothetical name like “EyeMiami5”.

    The second practice that he just bought was hypothetically called “GlassesBrickle”.

    Now what should I do (Choices) :

    1.) Use as the main website, and have an option for locations on the menu bar which shows “EyeMiami5”, and “GlassesBrickle”.

    2.) Rename the actual business “GlassesBrickle” To “EyeMiami5” and have one website with locations but no possible confusion… Which would make no sense because I feel it would cost a loss for the business at the new location.

    3.) Have two separate websites with two separate names? I dont think I want to go this route because its a lot more work that would only result in duplicate content and confusion in Google search since its operated under the same Doctor Name. And The bought business has a complicated business name, and Long complicated URL.

    4) I have no IDEA whats best, if you have any opinions please tell me what you think the best way to is and why, and if its possible provide evidence.

    Thank you for any help.


    Ideally, at least for maintainability, it would be better to have a single site.

    Obviously you can re-direct (or whatever) existing domain names to the required target URL.

    Perhaps having a dual brand site such as

    “Dr XXX – The Man Behind EyeMiami5 & GlassesBrickle”

    or the like.

    Now that’s a delicate thing of course…as the client might want to differentiate the two…

    My first question is What does the client want?

    After that you can discuss the most efficient way to go about it.


    Thanks for the reply. Really, I feel like im in charge of the choice, the client trusts me to research and do the best course of action, which I am.

    With what you said :

    “Perhaps having a dual brand site such as

    “Dr XXX – The Man Behind EyeMiami5 & GlassesBrickle” ”

    Well then that would mean both would be under EyeMiami5, but have “Dr XXX – The Man Behind EyeMiami5 & GlassesBrickle” on like an opening slide for the site, and have the old GlassesBrickle domain (which I know no one types in the URL box because its so damn long) redirect to EyeMiami5. Then just 5EO optimize Eyemiami5 for both business’s under the single EyeMiami5 domain BUT Keep the same “Business” name for the new practice as GlassesBrickle.

    Is that what you suggest


    Is that what you suggest

    Basically, yes…it seems like the logical option.

    BTW…we can’t type ESS EEE OOH on the forum as it gets caught in the spam filters

    I use FIVE EEE OHH instead.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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