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    Been wanting to do this for a little while and finally worked up the nerve to register the domain and get something up. This might be all it consists of and then again it might mushroom into something more. If you think more…any ideas?

    Rob MacKay
    "ikthius" wrote:
    seen this so many times before…………..

    another for my foe list

    eh? Sorry, I must have missed something lol


    maybe I can create some sort of toggle feature between the US and the UK of course that would also mean having to register another domain with just the opposite.

    i’m beginning to think i might need to add something a little whimsical to what’s already there so people know i’m being rather tongue in cheek in many regards.


    sorry dude. didn’t mean to get you stirred up. it’s not like i’m trying to spam the forum or anything. look through my postings and you’ll know i’m not that kind of participant.

    I have seen this exact post before, word for word, link for link.

    No worries here friend. If you’re talking about my original post in regards to the above quote well I certainly didn’t copy anyone or anything. Straight off the cuff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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