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    Recently I started a new project, after receiving a large amount of critics I decided to start it from the scratch.
    Now developing the design before everything else.

    I struggle at design and that’s why I’m making this question to make sure I’m doing it right.

    Main goals :

    Content design should explain itself
    Thorough / Simple
    Give confort to users
    Last but not least, aesthetic
    Design every element like it’s for a contest

    My last design attempt :

    Things I tried to fix :

    Add contrast between the topbar, sidebar and main content block
    Better content representation
    Make the design represent the content

    I would like to hear your true opinion, don’t be afraid of hurting me :

    How does it looks like ?
    Do you feel comfortable ?
    Is there anything you don’t like ?

    Thanks in advance and for your attention,
    I’ll appreciate any brief observation,
    All the best !

    Kevin Mamaqi

    Maybe my suggestion is not too specific but in my opinion it is the main problem with websites that doesn’t encourage users to do something.

    This is how I see it: What action should I do in your frontpage? I guess it is register, because it seems like a CTA, but it isn’t too obvious. Maybe I should explore the content, but then, I would expect to see some images and clear titles, maybe a prominent search form instead of several links.

    It isn’t bold and instead of Dear user …, be more specific and goal oriented. I did this in two minutes so it isn’t a real solution:

    Hope it helps, and if it is a personal and serious project, let someone else to design it. Is really hard to design for yourself.


    Thank you for the feedback, but the design try I referred was this one:

    Sorry if i was unclear.

    Kevin Mamaqi

    Sorry, I missunderstood.

    • How does it looks like ?
      Clean and easy to use. Boldless, no clear action in frontpage (related with my previous reply).

    • Do you feel comfortable ?

    • Is there anything you don’t like ?
      Text color too much clear, try something more like #333 for base-text.


    Not your bad Kevin! Your appreciation and review means a lot for me.
    I’ll take notes and soon implement few changes.
    Huge thanks again for your time mate.
    All the best for you :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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