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    I’m getting errors from a stylsheet that only imports Bourbon. All I have in my style sheet is;

    @import 'bourbon’;

    Is there a version issue, or am I not setting this up correctly? I really thought I had it set up standard as per the instructions.

    I need to remove the following style sheets to remove all the errors.

    `// Bourbon 5.0.0.alpha.0
    // Copyright 2011-2015 thoughtbot, inc.
    // MIT License

    @import “bourbon/settings/asset-pipeline”;
    @import “bourbon/settings/global-font-file-formats”;
    @import “bourbon/settings/scales”;
    @import “bourbon/settings/modular-scale”;

    @import “bourbon/functions/assign-inputs”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/contains”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/contains-falsy”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/is-length”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/is-light”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/is-number”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/is-size”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/shade”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/strip-unit”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/tint”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/unpack”;
    @import “bourbon/functions/modular-scale”;

    @import “bourbon/helpers/directional-values”;
    // @import “bourbon/helpers/font-source-declaration”;

    @import “bourbon/css3/font-face”;

    @import “bourbon/addons/border-color”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/border-radius”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/border-style”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/border-width”;
    //@import “bourbon/addons/buttons”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/clearfix”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/contrast-switch”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/ellipsis”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/font-stacks”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/hide-text”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/margin”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/padding”;
    //@import “bourbon/addons/position”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/prefixer”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/size”;
    //@import “bourbon/addons/text-inputs”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/timing-functions”;
    @import “bourbon/addons/word-wrap”;

    @import “bourbon/bourbon-deprecated”;

    This is the error I receive…

    error style.scss (Line 22 of _font-source-declaration.scss: Invalid CSS after " eot": expected ")", was ": "#{$file-pa...")


    @Paulie_D Probably. I’m not that familiar with Bourbon though, so I’m concerned there is a bigger problem since this is a fresh, untouched version of it and it has errors. I thought I may have issues with my sass version or something.


    I fixed my issue by not compiling my sass with Scout. I found out Scout hasn’t been updated in a long time and uses an old version of sass. I’m now using koala.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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