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    I dont know how helpful the codepen will be since the html is in an ASP page, and database queries will not work to populate the page with enough data. The problem im trying to fix occurs when the two tables on the main page extend the length of the which would normally move the footer down and add scroll bars. I will post the code pen and some screen shots.

    here is the codepen:

    here is a screen shot of the main page with two tables populated. the bottom table is cut off and there are no scroll bars.

    In this codepen, it uses a different version of the CSS:

    this version produces the scroll bars and extends the menu on the left, but the toolbar in the tables gets skewed.

    as seen here:

    Please help! i will accomodate in any way i can to help you CSS pros get this ironed out for me.. hopefully i will become more CSS capable in the process.

    thank you thank you!


    Let me get something together.. I’ll set up two links, each using one version of the CSS. I have narrowed down a couple of differences between them which could pertain to the issue im trying to solve but nothing very substantial.

    i will post again with links..


    If you don’t mind providing a working example of what is going on, I would be happy to take a look. If you are having trouble with getting the html/css into codepen, try opening Chrome’s inspector on the page of your asp site, copy the html and css in it and then paste it into a codepen editor.

    Also, please make sure your css isn’t minified.

    Thank ya!


    i think minified has something to do with the issue.. what does it mean to have CSS minified? im a long time programmer of several different languages, but have very little CSS experience. I started with a template and the CSS was already in place.. ive made minor tweaks as ive gone along, but dont know as much as i should. one version of the CSS is minified as its suffix is .min.css

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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