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    @chrisburton, and to others, can you recommend a body font that would go well for artbrush as my headings.

    Thank you so much.

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    I need more information. Can I see a live example or image? By the way, that font is not optimized for the web.

    I know this is not a brush script but if I could recommend a combination, I would go with Serge Medium (headings) and Ibis RE (body).

    Live example.

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    I was tasked to make the website of a restaurant based on their new menu and they insist to used the same colors, fonts and the design.

    Here is a screenshot of their menu.. screenshot

    They used “artbrush” as their main font. I tried to used it and it is indeed not optimized for web because the letters are being cut in the right side so I decided to just use it for headings and look for a body font for it.

    I will try to show them the font you suggested and see if they’ll like. Though I doubt coz’ they’re in-love with this “artbrush”.


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    Cancel my suggestion on those two typefaces I suggested. Neither are sufficient for this design.

    You also need to inform your clients why Artbrush is not sufficient on the web. I would also recommend testing Artbrush on multiple platforms (iOS, OS X, Windows, etc). Are they willing to invest in quality typefaces?

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    I did try testing it in multiple browsers and I think it’s ok for just the titles/headings.
    Edit: windows and android only since I don’t have access to apple devices.

    And for the body font, yes they are willing to spend since according to their graphic designer most of its resources were bought online.

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    You can always try Browserstack.

    Can you show me a live example? If not here, privately?

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    It’s a WIP right now and I’m working locally. Hopefully they will give their cpanel account tomorrow so I can upload to a sub domain. It’s basically skeleton with dummy content yet but if you want to see how the artbrush looks I can give the link tomorrow.

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    Just post screenshot, if live example is not available.

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    That would be helpful for me. I prefer a live example as I use a plugin that allows me to inject different fonts.

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    Here’s the link. It’s the first try/markup so things will change maybe once content, images, backgrounds are finished by the designer.


    It’s the homepage, for now it has little context only. And please do give feedback on the design, layout and code if possible. Thanks.

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    @taxicss I did not have enough time today to help you like I was hoping. I’ve been working on my own projects and juggling homework at the same time (not a good idea). I did take time to find you a suitable typeface for your body copy. If you’d like, I can recommend a few professional Typographers that do have the time to recommend typefaces for your headings? I really wish I had more time to help you.


    Typeface: Giza RE (I’d buy both regular and italic styles).

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    @chrisburton I really appreciate the time and help sir. I showed them the font and they like it. Do you have any recommendation on how will I use it? Will I buy it directly from the link you gave and use at @font-face?

    Thanks again.

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    Will I buy it directly from the link you gave and use at @font-face?

    If you want to use it via @font-face, you’re looking at $400/yr per style for their self-hosting license. So you’d be looking at $800/yr just for those two styles.

    I would recommend their hosted service at $20/yr per style . That would come out to a total of $40 for both Giza RE Regular and Giza RE Italic. If you need the bold weight as well, which it seems you do, add an additional $20/yr.

    • Giza RE Regular: $20/yr
    • Giza RE Italic: $20/yr
    • Giza RE Bold: $20/yr

    Total: $60/yr

    After purchase, you will be provided with a link to a CSS file which you will put in your head section. Like this:

    <link href="//" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

    Do you have any recommendation on how will I use it?

    Is this question on how to set your content in those typefaces or for the above information?

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    Before I forget, you can also try those above fonts for free for 30 days before purchasing.

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    @chrisburton Thank you so much. Really appreciate the help.

    BTW, how can I make this thread as SOLVED?

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