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    I created a blog around a couple of years ago, and frankly i was an real amateur back then. With time i learnt a lot of things including that “wordpress is better than blogger” now the thing is that i want to redesign my whole blog, i mean completely, but i don’t know how to do that on blogger but for wordpress, templates can be created.

    I have a some good stats that have build with time and so i am not sure if it is right to move to a new domain ( and i am not in a position to host a website (buy a domain and webspace) right now.

    So here is the thing :

    is there any way i can apply a whole new design to blogger?

    is there a way i can transfer my blog to wordpress with comments and all [and then redirect my blog to new domain]

    or anything else that i am unaware of?

    Well any help here would be very very very much appreciated.

    My blog is [here]( “Technopits”)


    You can ‘template’ Blogger to your own specs but it’s not simple.

    You can download (backup) the template (I think it’s under ‘Edit HTML’) and make adjustments and re-upload.

    The issue is that (AFAIK), Blogger uses ‘custom’ code for widgets and base styles. Once you get to grips with that it’s not a difficult process.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t found any current step by step tutorials or even comprehensive advice on the process.

    Transferring to WP might be the best option.


    @paulie_D transferring would need domain and websapce. :( i maybe able to manage domain but currently can’t go for webspace. I’ll try editing blogger i guess. Let’s see where it goes.

    if there is any thing else i can do then tell me.. Else problem Solved :(


    There are custom themes for Blogger you can get.

    The basic principal is still the same.

    Make sure you take a proper backup of this base (existing) template and keep it somewhere safe.

    Never overwrite it and always use a copy to play with. that way, if something terrible happens you can just restore the safe backup and start again.

    If you find a change that you like, save that iteration in safe place (with a suitable filename – blogger doesn’t care as long as it’s an .xml file) and go from there.


    Thanks a lot. I’ll do the same :) feeling better now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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