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    I am trying to create a footer that will automatically adjust when the page is resized. Currently I have this working on most of my webpages, but the about and contact pages do not seem to work. You can view the website at [Website Link…]( “Website”).

    As I said I am trying to get the About and Contact pages to work like the Architecture page.

    My Source code for the contact page is as follows:

    Scott Hudson Photography


    How does the Architecture page differ from the others?


    There is nothing that actually makes your footer stick to the bottom right now.

    I would suggest looking at [Sticky-Footer]( “StickyFooter”).

    He uses a wrapper around his webpage and puts the footer in its own div outside the wrapper div. While using a bottom margin on the wrapper so the footer stays below the content when the screen is smaller but stays on the bottom of the page when the screen is big enough to do so. The site shows a very clean css snippet to use and a more detailed explanation on how to use it.


    I must admit I didn’t look at the source code but it seems to me that fixed positioning is used for items (divs) on those problem pages because it overflows my screen but no scroll bar is there.

    On a side note, that is a nice looking portfolio site for a photographer I must say. Nicely done!


    Hey Guys,

    I was able to get the sticky footer to work! So things are looking a lot better, the only problem that I am running into now is that text on the about and contact page seems to flash a few times upon loading of the page and also when you mouse over different links in the header and footer. Any idea why this is happening?


    (Should mention this seems to happen on Safari and Chrome running on Mac, but Firefox does not seem to have the problem.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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