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    This is a little wordpress theme, that I built off another theme, I know that’s probably pretty n00bish of me but I was having a hard time building it from scratch.

    I think I lack inspiration or something I’m not sure how to spice it up yet.

    My idea was to call it sucker punch and use these colors [img][/img] but I’m having a hard time not making them look ugly.

    got some advice?

    Edit: yeah I know that there’s some CSS quirks, I’m mainly trying to decide where this design should go before I work on on it too much.


    From what I can see, the colours aren’t that bad – you just haven’t used them! You’ve got Orange, tan, white, grey and black; but at first showing the page only displays white, grey, grey, more grey, blue(?), black (a little bit on the lettering), and yet more grey. The only orange is the RSS button and on hover (using a colour only in a hover state is a waste of a colour, and too late IMHO – the first impression’s already been formed.)

    Maybe start with a plain white background without those heavy grey pillars to either side and throw some of those oranges and tans around…


    Thanks for the good advice for a vague post.

    I’ll ditch the pillars (I was sort of noticing it too, and try to find some good uses for the colors,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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