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    What are the best places to go to learn js/jquery on the web? I want to learn it and understand it fully but also be able to use my learning to write practical code (Being able to know how to make an animation on the fly or manipulate html elements.). Can you guys list maybe your top 3 resources?

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    I think Chris needs to do a poll on this and then do a blog post based on the results.

    Save the same question coming up every few days.

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    @matt_sanford : Like most other resources out there, @jkinney768 prettymuch spoke for me. If you are like me and would rather learn something more hands-on or interactively then Code Academy is the way to go.

    I strongly suggest you learn javascript first that way you have a better understanding of objects, arrays, the DOM, etc. If you start off with jQuery you will be stopping yourself short of learning the awesomeness of javascript.

    Dont be like this:
    annoying jquery user

    Last note, if you do like to read, O’reilly makes some really great books. If you live in a college town you can also go to the school’s store and find a recently new book on javascript (could be beat up, doesnt matter) and buy it.

    @paulie_d : Yeah, i have seen the same question over and over. For some reason, instead of linking to previous posts i find myself saying the same thing over and over.. Now i am adding images :)

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    I happen to know Treehouse (full disclose: sponsors this site) has a complete course on jQuery that’s pretty new.

    NetTuts has a big jQuery course as well:

    You can search around this site for jQuery stuff. There is a ton of it.

    I like the book Learning jQuery quite a bit.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like I should go to codeacademy and learn javascript, then hop over to netTuts and learn jQuery. Thanks guys! @chriscoyier @paulie_d @JohnMotylJr

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    Codecademy has an AWESOME Javascript course, but the jQuery lessons have received quite strong negative feedback for being far too complex and not clear enough. I started with those and actually got a bit nervous and discouraged.


    Hopefully, those will be soon revised and republished.

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    Just to let you know that the jQuery track at Codecademy HAS been revised and is quite awesome.


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    There is also a free JQuery course here:

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    For more information about- What is JavaScript? And Resources to Learn it, visit here :

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