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    Here’s a question. Is it better to split the stylesheets and load them individually or append all of them in one file and link that one file?
    As an example my stylesheet weights ~100KBs. Should I have all of it in one styles.css file or something like, reset.css, layout.css, base.css and so on?
    I’ve heard that iPhone has caching problems for files larger than 20KBs or something.


    Gzip it’s the solution. One Stylesheet is fine, but be sure to have organization… keep in mind thar more sheet are more HTTP request… Same ideas than the CSS Sprites


    Gzip for sure, but will it load faster to load only one stylesheet with ~100 or ~200KBs of data or will it load faster if you split it up?


    It will load faster with one stylesheet no matter what size. Although if you have a really small file it may not seem that way.

    More files = More Requests = More time


    Hi i used online YUI compressor to compress my css and js files


    I'm using blogger...
    what am i doing wrong?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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