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    I don’t know where else to post this** =/

    I seriously cant find any of the info i had before about this, but i remember there was a few different ways and i believe the "best" way was from using <object> tags instead of <applet> tags, maybe <embed>?

    The fact that when you use an <object> tag is then you need the correct type, codebase, and classid and other things. Dont forget about IE =].. Im just a bit confused. … _tags.html
    sun still recommends the <applet> tags because each browser implements that <object> tag differently, even though applet tags are deprecated.

    What do you people say or recommend?

    Like this:


    Your browser does not support the applet tag.

    Or maybe this way(which i believe is the way i did it on my site):


    < ![endif]-->|Hello World applet test|
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