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    Do you think it is best to display your prices on your website or not?


    Well, that all depends on a few things. I and most professionals would say do not display your rates on your website. This is to stay competitive. Although I see designers and developers putting a minimum requirement for public view.
    e.g. – Elliot Jay Stocks displays his minimum at $5k for a project (I believe).


    It’s an ongoing debate, and everyone seems to have their own opinion on it. In my opinion, I think it’s important to give at least some kind of indication of your prices, whether it be rate range (eg. $45 – $65/hour) or a minimum project cost.

    You might find these links helpful:
    7 reasons your website doesn’t bring in new clients/
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    “Price Shoppers”

    I’ll leave it at that.


    I am in personal debate on the same subject and have nearly settled on the idea of listing prices where I am confident I am competitive, and there are few variables, but placing a “request for quote” link for the more subjective offerings. I feel it’s impossible to ballpark a website, for instance. There are too many reasons for a price to inflate based solely on the requirements of the customer. However, routine services such as Twitter Feed Management, as a contrasting example, is easy to quote because the extent of the service is determined by the provider, not by the customer.

    Rob MacKay

    I wouldn’t list a price – but I would agree with Elliott’s idea. I don’t touch stuff for under a certain price then if people are still interested I can talk about what their project and ideas will cost in full.

    This is better because if your would-be-client dosen’t run off when he see’s the minimum amount then they are probably more of a “keeper”, you instantly filter out the guy with the $100 budget.


    That is strongly undebatable, @Eric. This is really not a shopping type of industry, it is more of an investment.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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