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    Dan Shafer


    Create a page which, when loaded, displays some content. Then, automatically, over the next N seconds, additional lines of text scroll or fade or slide into place below the last line of text while all text remains visible throughout the process.

    So it’s not a slider that keeps replacing content, but more like accumulating scrolling movie credits that never disappear off the top.

    Effort So Far:

    I’ve tried using a delay approach but it only works, as the docs say, on following elements of the same type. In my case, I’ve identified each paragraph of text to appear on the page over time as “c1”, “c2”, etc. So the delay doesn’t work, obviously.

    I know I could probably do this in JS with a setTimeout() function rather than the delay command in CSS but I’m trying to determine if there’s a clean, elegant CSS-only solution.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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