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    I’m looking for recommendations on shopping carts. My gut reaction is that I don’t want a service with a monthly fee, but I could be convinced otherwise since I’m not very familiar with e-commerce options. I’m planning on using WP for the site’s CMS, but feel that the cart should have it’s own CMS since the client’s needs are relatively robust. Some carts that look intriguing are:

    Magento (I think this is pretty expensive – couldn’t find their pricing)
    Pinnacle Cart (expensive)
    CartThrob + Expression Engine

    I’ve heard quite a bit about FoxyCart, but that’s a monthly fee. Like I said though – I can be persuaded.

    The cart would have to be pretty easy to use since the client is not overly tech savvy.

    Any suggestions are MORE than welcome! I am by no means attached to any of the above options – just wanted to mention what I’ve been seeing.

    Thank you SO much for any help you can offer!


    P.S. If you need gateway information, I can provide that.


    i too have recently been doing research on this. one package i found was uber cart which runs with Drupal 6 (i am hoping soon they will release a drupal 7 version of it). It’s free of monthly fees.

    There was one other one which i cannot remember off the top of my head which was also free.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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