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    I’m curious where everybody here goes for logo inspiration. I’m working for a client starting a new studio which uses a ‘W’ as the main symbol and I’m looking to create something unique which could invokes a Wayne Enterprises feel. However, it of course needs to be unique and I’m looking for various approaches to creating a ‘W’. LogoPond, Dribble, Behance – where else?

    # May 12, 2013 at 1:06 am

    Can you tell us what this logo is supposed to represent? What has the client asked for? Are you just creating a single character or will “Inc., LLC, Co”, etc. be included? These are just a few basic examples you need to know before you begin your research.

    As far as Wayne Enterprises, they have a horrendous logo.

    When you mentioned ‘W’, the first thing that came to mind was this:

    Artwork by Spencer Charles.

    Make sure using Dribbble or Logopond for inspiration is just that. There have been numerous instances where people have copied work from there and I’d hate to see you ruin your reputation as a designer by doing so. Not that you will.

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    Have you signed an NDA?

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    I would recommend listing aspects of the company your creating the logo for. Creating a logo for a car insurance company and then putting a broccoli on it wouldn’t make much sense. So list down what the company does, what all it’s product have in common, and what it’s theme is. Then you might have a better idea of what your trying to achieve.

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