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    I am making a new layout and I need to make a section for 4 columns with equal padding between them. I have messed with relative and absolute positioning, floating left with margins to make the white space. My problem is that I need no margin on the first and last column and I am finding first-child and last-child to be problems. I also want to optimize this layout for wordpress so I am trying desperately hard not to assign classes to individual columns that way I can make my loop in wordpress and not have to worry about it. What do you think?

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    you can simply use ‘nth-of-type’ instead…like this:

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    Would this not do the trick?

    First-child is ussualy well-supported (unlike last-child).

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    Your answer is BlueprintCSS or Bootstrap by Twitter!

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    960gs can also do this.

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    For the record, it is useless to add on a framework when you only need one or two things aligned a certain way…

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