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    Hi Y’all,

    I’m a brand new coder, only been doing this for a couple of days. I was wondering what other web developers were using to write their pages? Anyone know of any reliable free web-editors? I am currently using notepad++ which i got from, but was wondering if anyone else had a better suggestion?

    Many thanks,



    I too am interested. I use Notepad++ as well. I’ve heard of other free text editors like Bluefish and Komodo Edit, but I still haven’t found one I particularly like.


    I like conTEXT


    I’ve just downloaded conTEXT. Bearing in mind i’ve only used it for a few minutes, I have to say it appears more usable than notepad++, It has some nice features, presented simply.

    Thumbs up so far! Thanks Ian.


    Notepad++ is the best option for windows. I use it with a monokai theme and the consolas font.


    I’ve tried more than 30 text editors on Win 7 so far, Sublime Text is a real fun to use, so flexible, not as pro as Notepad++ though…
    TopStyle 4 is awesome, just a super pro.
    Programmer’s Notepad is simple but powerful.
    Komodo IDE is also my fav.
    So I’ve got 4, that I prefer to use whenever I feel like…


    Very personal impression here. I find Notepad++ just a bit … fussy, or maybe it’s overly complex. I prefer Komodo Edit. Just suits me better. I’ll have to check out Sublime Text … never heard of it until now. Thanks!


    hey i think the best is DW but you want a free one so check
    it’s very good highly recommended
    good luck


    I also found Microsoft WebMatrix’s text editor a very helpful and powerful way to type more rapidly, more organized and more secured. You guys should check that out if you haven’t yet… It’s free, it’s good to experience that. WebMatrix is a server too… and has WordPress installed in it. This is the download page and this is a review video by Microsoft itself–Scott-Hunter-WebMatrix-and-the-new-Razor-Syntax

    But I still prefer keep things simple, using Wamp and a simple text editor that help me go speedy.


    if you don’t make money on your web-sites, then by all means your conscience can be safe using cracked shareware software… and there i’d recommend E-texteditor.


    i know that the question was geared toward a free program, but i have to go with Expression Web 3 and here is why; WYSISWG features aside, the code is color coded which is nice sometimes if you have inherited a project that was not commeted correctly, plus it is a smart text editor where it will finish words for you i.e, if i am typing the word “padding”, it gives me a list of padding atributes that i can choose from. EW aslo has a built in FTP program and has a Super Preview feature that works alot like FireFox’s Firebug but works like that in all browers and allows for a side by side comparison.

    I know that some of these features come with other software, but is seems to be a nice little bundle of stuff i use all the time. Just my 2 cents…



    @JoshWhite thanks for that, it looks awesome. I’m going to give it a try.


    jamy_za, wow, don’t tell us you haven’t heard about E? :))
    it is actually an analogue of TextMate, and yes, it is the best ever.
    i would absolutely use it if there were support for tags stylizing
    until then i’m stuck with DW :(


    Hmmm too many options! lol

    Since I just bought a macbook pro I’ve been trying to find what I could use in both environments.

    Windows my tools are notepad++(first choice its just straight text and plugins are nice) and also I use eclipse with the aptana extension or just download aptana. (php, RoR)

    If your stepping into .net stuff VS 2010 express is great, I use VS 08/10 at work I enjoy the library extensions for languages and code completion is helpful.

    You want just a sweet editor? Sublime text ver 2 alpha just came out and its pretty awesome, it’s almost identical in the sense of textmate and E editor….


    For my purposes i use Codelobster PHP Edition

    It is very good free HTML, CSS, PHP editor

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