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    I am in the process of building a client website which is a one page website which anchors to five different sections. The client has mentioned they want 4 of the sections to be static but a ‘News’ section which they can edit themselves. As this isn’t a “normal” website, would WordPress still be the most suitable CMS?

    I have heard Kirby is quite apt for this but have no experience in using it.


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    WordPress would be pretty overkill for something like this. I’m not sure if Kirby is the solution, either. People have mentioned Perch here before.

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    I don’t think Kirby is a bad decision in this case. Especially for a one page site. Check out this article:

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    This article breaks down some nice CMS options, including Perch. Obviously, WordPress, Debian, and Joomla are options as well. Hope this helps.

    5 Content Management Systems You Should Know About

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