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    I am creating a site with a two-frames setup. The right (fixed width) frame is mainly for simple text navigation menu. Links are visuality controlled with css. My question: is it possible to keep the a:active state (an orange background block on grey text) really active until you click on an other link? In the current state, the a:active state disappears when you click in the left content frame (actually when you click anywhere) in IE and actually only appears for a short time in Safari and firefox. You can see my test environment here:


    # October 19, 2009 at 12:48 am

    This can be handed by css. however, since you are using frames (would advise against using frames) it’s not as easy. I’ve only used css for this purpose and never used frames for designing. I would suggest a redesign avoiding frames. You may be able to use javascript though. :?:

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