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    honestly pure coding does not have to save you anymore when it comes to job interview. Competition is huge. Every kid can do a website these days.

    I turned 28 that means nearing my 30 years real soon :)

    Question is easy:

    **What do you think is useful and/or necessary to know apart core coding skills ?**

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    And I do not mean here things like Photoshop, I mean stuff like, soft skills, project management, etc.

    Whatever you can think of.
    Share your experience with me and others.


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    I was maybe too general in that statement “with kids” and “only” simple websites :)
    Of course no kid will be hired to take care of corporate CRM, web app or anything more complex.

    What I wanted to say is, that by my opinion you cannot hard code “by hand” till the end of the career, like when being 40, 50 y.o.

    I guess as @JoshWhite mentions, one should perhaps focus more on team leading, managing things after “ehhm” learning enough technical skills to get the job done.

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    @JoshBlackwood … thumbs up, I would not say it better :)

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