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    Hi guys,

    I haven’t been checking this site as often as I’d like to as it seems. And sorry if I’ll be repeating an already asked question, but the search didn’t bring valuable results.

    What’s the font type and application method used in this site?
    I mean CSS-Tricks.

    I’ll be starting a couple of blogs for myself and I’d like to use beautiful fonts without paying an arm or a leg.
    Thanks in advance!


    Have you tried using dafont?


    No. Never heard of it.

    The site doesn’t look great though.
    Is this what you use for your blogs/sites?

    Honestly, I thought I’ll hear about Typekit (or similar services) when I asked the question.


    Typekit isn’t bad. If you want to use free fonts, use dafont. Dafont is pretty well known, surprised you haven’t heard of it.


    I’ve almost exclusively started using Google’s Webfonts.


    Someone mentioned this to me not too long ago but I never checked it out until 5 minutes ago. Pretty cool.


    Is your question about where to find fonts or the different methods of applying fonts within a webpage?


    I think he’s using these fonts for “CSS-Tricks”

    tandelle-1, tandelle-2; 

    and @font-face embedding

    Keep in mind, Chris is not just using these two fonts.

    Chris Coyier

    Tandelle and Myriad are pretty much the only two. I am in heart with Myriad again. Tandelle is cool, but it’s causing me grief because there is no good fallback for such a narrow font.


    Hey Chris, while I agree that there isn’t a great natively supported fallback for narrow sans serif fonts, you may want to consider a similar font, Steelfish (, in future projects.

    Alternative Gothic is also very nice;


    Guys, thanks a lot! You are ALL awesome. I’ll have to come here more often. :)

    One grief, though Chris, the notifications I receive from the forum software has NO hyperlinks whatsoever. I’ve had to type in the domain name manually (yeah, doing the same didn’t suck 15 years ago, I know :)

    My last question is, Myriad is a propretiary font and I’ll have to buy it, right?
    Well, unless I find a similar-looking font from Dafont or Google Webfonts I guess?


    My question was for both of the things you mentioned. I wanted to know the name of the fonts Chris used and the method/service he used to display them on this site.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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