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    Hey there guys,

    After opening up [Slides From Recent Presentations]( I was wondering about a few things more like what after deployment?

    What is the best “it just works” and “its simple to setup” solution for backing up whatever is running on your server? static/php with database without/ webapp etc etc

    Oh and what about a media-temple solution in europe? as it only has hosting in us. whats your opinion on heroku? and is it a good platform for normal websites?

    these last few are not the really good questions but just some stuff wondering around in my head ;)


    What type of server are you using as if you run dedicated server there are plenty of services you can use to run automated cron jobs for daily, hourly and on the minute backups but of course they aren’t all free, also another key factor is how much data you’re backing up and are any databases involved because a service like Dropbox which I use works just as well as anything else.


    If you have SSH access you can use Dropbox


    I am looking for solutions for both actually, so I know what my options are in both circumstances:

    _normal servers, nothing special no git, no ssh etc etc, however with databases_

    _dedicated servers like on media-temple_

    data amount will be small overall ( normal websites, nothing particular big, img’s to be the most data expensive with maybe a video here and there ).

    can you also backup the database with ssh for dropbox? (is there a solution for gdrive?)

    thanks btw :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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