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    Sounds like a realy basic question but one that I always disregard when starting a new site. I have noticed that when I view some of my sites on 800 x 600 resolutions (others PC’s), things are missing on the screen as it is too small.

    When I start out my project does this mean that I need to start out in photoshop with the design process with a project that is merely 800px wide?

    How does this explain then the sites I have seen that are like 1600px wide? Does this mean that only half of the site will be viewable in these resolutions?

    How can I get around this so that it looks good in all browsers?

    Any help, links or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you want a fixed width layout, then yes, you need to adapt your website to a screen resolution.
    You may want to make it for 800×600, or, as a lot of designers now, 1024×768 (say 960px width to avoid problems with the scrollbar) as it is the most commonly used resolution now : w3c browser display statistics.

    You can also build your website with a "liquid design" which size will automatically adapt to any resolution or browser window size.

    I suggest you take a look the famous and very useful A List Apart article "In search of the holy grail" to learn more about layouts.

    Hope this will be of any help, and sorry for the poor english…

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