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    Sorry, but i am so so very tired of this infuriating subject that has me reeling around ready to throw rubber bricks at my lovely i-mac. This whole subject of background image placing so the rest of your links and document may sit nicely on top iis driving me lOOooooopy….Insane, wild with why the hell is such a simple subject so darn complicated. It is made so damn easy in theory, a child can understand it, yet I can not get what I want.

    Ok that was the introduction. It is simple. I have uploaded the top quarter of my website, because this explains everything: here: [attachment=1]Picture 1.png[/attachment] What I have ia an image 1400×800 pixels. More than is enough. Oh sorry, I forgot to say that I have a photo that MUST sit snugly against the bottom right corner of the window, this is why 100% is so important. This is part of the background image it is all one piece.[attachment=0]Picture 2.png[/attachment]

    I have coded and re-coded and used some of the examples from members, but alas – I NEED it to fill the browser window without white space when I stretch the window to 1450 pixels. I keep messing around with position, repeat widths top bottom left… in mid-air, putting it in a div outside a div in bed with the div!!I i just want the user/viewer to simply see a FULL window with this image when he uploads it, no ugliness no horizontal bars no surprises. I have studied and studied other websites using firbug, but blow me if I can see what they are doing, apart from the fact that a 960 centred column seems to be the most favourite – Is that because they can’t work out full backgrounds either I wonder? I can not understand all the confusion over how exactly I am supposed to code the 100% width and how exactly do I place a background colour BEHIND this image which is in the BODY element, the z-index just made the darn thing dissappear.

    maybe I am tired. But of all the coding and css and html I have had to learn, this subject of full background images seems to be the least written about subject in all the books and references that I have been looking at both on the web and in my library. Is this because it is TOO complicated a matter for some or what? Yes I am frustrated at not being able to work it out also!

    Thankyou for allowing me to rant and rave, if anyone dares to see me through this I will be extremely grateful. Chris.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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