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    Hello Cris,

    I want to do a website with a big background image. But I cannot reduce the file size, without compromising the image’s quality.

    I was studying your website’s code and I could see that you use a huge background image with a very small size 9 or 7Kb.

    Is there a special tip or trick to make light weight images?


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    what type of image is it? a photograph?

    you could download easythumbnails from fooks:

    you can resize the image without compromising it.

    you could also try and take away any exif data from your image, using an exif stripper, but that wont take too much kb away.

    I would say re-size cause there is no point in having a full size photo (3000 x 2000px)

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    Hi, the image is a jpg or png, about 1200px x 1000px.

    Check these examples: … -websites/

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    Post your process.

    Make sure you are saving for web. It is very easy to see image degradation as the designer because you are specifically looking at it but, generally, the end user will never notice the difference.

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    "petala" wrote:
    Hi, the image is a jpg or png, about 1200px x 1000px.

    Check these examples: … -websites/

    well, the first website on that link, the background loads with flash….

    mind you, you could do a pre-load of your background image, which should make it look as if it is loading quicker.

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