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    This Youtube channel is where I got started with PHP
    Here’s the playlist for database access

    You’ll need to post the data from your fields to a PHP script on your server
    To keep up with the Ajax you have I’d use this

    # October 7, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    I really like the automatic calculated fields,what I am trying to figure out now though as I am more used to php is how to add the calculated values into a database,has that been done with this script,what I am shooting for is a cart with subtotals and totals,also seems to be rare to see those in invoices unless you buy them which is why I am teaching myself how to add calculations to these forms and input the info as needed to database,if anyone has played around with these calculations to add to database would love to see their work so I can learn from it or expand on it,great work though I love this site,great stuff

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