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  • # April 27, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Hey duderinos,

    I’ve bashed and crowbar-ed the following together: when you create a WP post, you may want to use a thumbnail image somewhere – beside the title, for example.

    You can do this using a custom field of course, but with the following if you don’t specify a thumbnail image to use then the first image you associate with that post will then automatically become the thumbnail instead.

    < ?php global $wpdb; $attachment_id = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_parent = ‘$post->ID’ AND post_status = ‘inherit’ AND post_type=’attachment’ ORDER BY post_date ASC LIMIT 1″); ?>

    < ?php $attachment_image = wp_get_attachment_url($attachment_id); ?>

    < ?php $thumbpath = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘thumbnail’, true);
    if($thumbpath ==””) {
    $thumbpath = $attachment_image;


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