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    I was wondering if anyone had some suggestionsexperiences with forums… basically a sort of spam filter and a filter against idiots signing up who want to post spam. You know, having explicit links posted to a forum that is designed for kids isn’t too cool. :

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    I wish this forum was auto-moderated!

    Actually, it’s not that bad, since the signup does have a CAPTCHA, which keeps most bots out. But, I have had issues in the past, so it’s just something you have to watch for I guess. (Sorry I don’t have any better answers!)

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    Not a technological solution but how about enabling other people to moderate your forum such as regular users as a way of "self-policing"?

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    There should be a set up option in the admin about links and words that you can moderate.

    I think Vanilla (and maybe phpBB) has the option to censor certain letters in words but allow you to still see the word (if you know what i mean).

    from the phpBB general guide
    tells you how to check the user IP against the DNS blacklist etc might stop them at the front door.

    Not sure as it has been a while since i played admin on forums

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    Thanks for the replies… Yea, I know about the word censor, etc, its not perfect, but I guess it will do since you can make a word a full replace like *!#% instead of F#CK. Because the latter is still pretty obvious.

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