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    Is there a way that i can get my site do do an action once every 24 hours without me needing to trigger it. So basically i want the script on a php doc to be run once every 24 hours, is this possible and if so how would i do it?

    Many Thanks

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    I confess I only have the vaguest idea how this works but if you are on a Linux server you should be looking into "cron".

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    great, i’m on the £8.99/month plan and they don’t let you access cron.
    This really annoys me with 1and1, everything is great, but the packages between and are totally different, the USA package that is equivalent to the UK package is half the price and has more features! But because im in England i have to use the UK site and get ripped off!

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    I’ve used quite a lot in mainland europe and I have just checked their technical help pages. Seems that you need to be on a dedicated server to access cron.

    What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe there is another way to approach it.

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    I need to run the script on a php doc.
    The php doc searches a mysql database and chooses a random number from the ammount of entries in the table. It then saves the number to a text file on the server.

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    Sorry, that’s beyond anything I do.
    Anyone else :?:

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