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    "Donna" wrote:
    I’ve chosen to go with PHP as a freelancer because of the ease in developing with it, but I used to work at HP as a software developer so I can tell you from experience and from what I can see from looking at high tech job boards such as, most larger companies go with something like Java (J2EE) or If you want a higher paying job with a larger company, then and C# seems to be the way to go. It definitely can’t hurt having it on your resume!

    I worked for SUSE in Germany back in 2001, before Novell bought them out. Python, PHP, C, and C++ were the dominant languages for software developers. I thought that was weird, since C was really the only language anyone ever used for development. I think the X server was the biggest project using C++. I can’t remember what YaST used, but I think it was mostly Python and C. I could go check, but I’m feeling lazy right now…

    I forgot what my point was. :?

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