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    Hi all,

    So I’m not really a web designer; this is my first attempt at putting a site together from scratch, but I am proud to say that I wrote the code (and pickled the figs) myself. It’s for an artist friend of mine. I spent a week on it, as far as useful learning curves go I think it was a week well spent.

    I’d love some feedback, both on visuals and semantics. :)


    Well done man – it’s actually a very nice looking website, and it follows proper validation as well. So all in all, great job.

    A couple of things I saw could be helped out – I thought the rollover color was a little TOO light on the menu. Not a big deal, I just felt like it almost disappeared on my screen when I hovered. Also, some of the images seemed pretty big (like when click on projects). You might look into web optimizing some of those larger files to try and bring them down to around 100k or so.


    Thanks for that feedback Josh, you’re right on the navigation bar’s link colour—I switched to another one from the swatches and it’s made a marked improvement.

    I checked out the projects image filesizes too, and most of them come in between 100k–200k courtesy of CS5’s "Save for Web and Devices". A few stood out as being huge though (one in particular was over 600k). While I was developing it I was using my broadband at home, which is pretty fast. I’ll check out the analytics results over the next few weeks and see what kind of speeds that the visitors have.

    I think part of the issue is that the images use quite a rich colour palette, and compression is far less efficient when images have a lot of very strong colouration. I think I’ll try to tamp down anything over 300k and migrate the thumbnails to CSS sprites.

    Thanks again.


    Good looking site

    You can get rid of those dotted frames around links when you click on them by putting
    a { outline:none;}
    near the top of your CSS


    Oh that’s great, thanks!

    I’ve been testing with my Macbook, and I don’t have access to a PC usually, maybe that’s why I never saw that line. It doesn’t seem to appear in Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

    It’s appreciated.


    The design looks pretty good, a nice minimalistic design. I like it.

    I have 2 small suggestions.
    First, I would remove the @font-face from the image captions, it is not readable.
    Then, I would reduce the top margin of the footer. There’s too much space between the footer and the content.


    Done and done, thanks for that feedback. It’s a much more robust looking project with all of the suggested changes.

    I hadn’t noticed that the caption font was difficult to read, but I changed the typeface from Small Caps one that’s a bit more readable, and I also took care of that spacing issue. Those content areas actually have fixed heights—due to a relative/absolute CSS problem that I was having. So it just took a little bit of refining to get them looking consistent, but well spotted.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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