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    I just joined, so please forgive me if somehow my discussion title is not formatted properly and you are all already irked with me. (no joke, once i joined a web forum and got flamed in my first post for not writing with capital letters at the start of sentences) …

    so, its nice to meet ya’ll!

    and now. to the MEAT.
    I am going to pull my hair out.
    or cry. or get drunk.
    or get drunk, pull my hair out, and cry.

    I’m trying, primarily, to implement some sort of floating text box on my wordpress site so that i can have pretty little side comments in a box, yet still wrap other text around it.

    i found this guy’s shortcode junk here:

    i admittedly *suck* at coding, period, but i see *nothing* in the php section that has to do with anything related, so i’m assuming this is all in the css sheet.

    I’m very simply ***trying to change colors*** for these silly boxes.

    Presumed relevant code here:

    column box colors – color=””

    .blue.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; }
    .green.awesome-box { background: #2fc950; }
    .grey.awesome-box { background: #a7a8a7; }

    I want to add or modify this code to include the following color:
    (why is this so big???)

    I’ve tried the following, all which make the code simply stop working —
    1. simply replace the color:

    .blue.awesome-box { background: #03a1c6; }

    2. make a new color:

    . fblu.awesome-box { background: #03a1c6; }

    3. i can’t even just change the name of the color “blue” just to see if when i type “[box color=”poop”] i get a poop box if i change .blue.awesome-box to .poop.awesome-box

    Nothing works?
    What else is involved here?
    why am i so dumb?
    :/ :/ :/


    I think we need to see a link to a live site.


    well the site is
    and, ugh. this page is still under development, but since there is something “breaking” the “password protected” functionality of my site, i made it public. just for ya’ll. (aint that sweet?)

    that page.

    but like i said, ALL relevant inserted code is from these two snippets on this page:
    you can view the code there and make some basic deductions.
    i inserted those in to functions.php and style.css respectively verbatim with a copy paste.

    i am now simply trying to edit the following portion:
    column box colors – color=””

    .blue.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; }
    .green.awesome-box { background: #2fc950; }
    .grey.awesome-box { background: #a7a8a7; }

    to get the following color box as well:

    i don’t understand why this is so difficult.
    should i not be able to do either of the two methods i previously described?
    1. simply modify the color in this line directly:
    .blue.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; } <---change that color or
    2. make a new line something like this:
    .abetterblue.awesome-box { background: #03a1c6; }

    what is the screw up here?

    this is the code as i have modified it, and as it is failing to work currently:
    .blue.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; }
    .green.awesome-box { background: #2fc950; }
    .grey.awesome-box { background: #a7a8a7; }
    .fblu.awesome-box { background: #03a1c6; }
    .fbback.awesome-box { background: #03a1c6; }

    neither of those two bottom color boxes are working
    hell. like i said. if i take this line:
    .blue.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; }

    and do this (change “blue” to “poop”:
    .poop.awesome-box { background: #2daebf; }

    and then type
    [box color=”poop”]sdfsdfd[/box]
    even that fails to work. (box just breaks and does not display)
    HOW is that even possible?


    NOW it is INEXPLICABLY working?
    i literally have changed NOTHING,
    i just went to try it again.
    and it works?
    [believe me i updated the css file and waited till it said “updated succesffully” SEVERAL times previously. ???]


    yeah. you are probably right re: the caching.
    i guess i just assumed that when you hit “preview page” after hitting “update” in wordpress, that the page was being refreshed. hence the term “preview page” (which would indicate to me you are previewing *changes*, but oh well, i’ll hit f5 from now on)

    two other things:
    1. can someone figure out why that color 031a1c6 as displayed as the box does *not* appear to be the same color in the background for the page (with the boxmatrix over it) and

    2. more importantly, can someone tell me where to begin to look in the css or otherwise to try and figure out why when i use the [box] shortcode, the text inside of it changes to a larger bolder font than that on the page itself? this is annoying, and i would like to fix it.


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