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    @trag, @JohnMotylJr and @deeve007: It’s true that I knew this forum through Alex’s post. He stumbled upon to my site and saw a product I promoted. And he did that on this forum because of scare about scams.

    I installed WordPress Jetpack and it told me I received some strange traffic sources! That’s why I came here.

    What will you guys do if you receive a notice that someone says you’re scam? You guys think silence is gold?

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    Can we just delete this thread? Foolish all round really.

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    If you reread my comment, you’ll notice that I did not accuse you (or CodeGraphics) of anything. Likewise, I did not make any comment on how you “should have” addressed the question, regardless of how you became aware of it. I was commenting on the circumstances that made the conversation suspect. I stand by the assessment that, under _slightly_ different circumstances, I would have came to the same conclusion.

    At this point, it doesn’t really matter if the conversation was fabricated or not (and, again, I do not believe that it was). But consider that it may have had more of a negative impact on your product than not joining the conversation at all.

    Since you ask, If I had been in your place, I may have registered and commented on the conversation as well – but, not being a part of the community, I would probably have limited myself to an introduction and invitation to learn more (perhaps a link to an FAQ or discussion page for your site, if you have them – or even offering a PM on this site). Again, I am not accusing you of any wrongdoing; I am only offering an explanation of my earlier comments and attempting to answer your questions.

    If you have any further questions, please ask. While I welcome conversation, I’ll say now that I have no interest in an argument/debate.

    >It’s true that I knew this forum through Alex’s post.

    Who is Alex?

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    Who is Alex?

    Now starting to look sus all over again…

    I have no interest in an argument/debate.


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    Guys, i can really see ur points. i stumbled on this guy’s website while searching for secrets of facebook ads. After reading his stuff, i commented with my real name, ‘Alex’ and used my gravata email to comment which generated by pix which is same pix i use here in css-tricks. i commented and asked him how sure is he about the tool and why should i trust him since there are all kinds of scammers on the internet selling all kinds of non-existing products. It was after my comment that i headed to css-tricks forum where i belong to raise an alarm and see if someone wil tell me more about the sites.

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    Makes sense.

    And, again, it’s all “fine by me” in any case – I wasn’t making any accusations. I hope my comments didn’t come across that way.

    _Also, “nice to meet you, Alex, my name’s Adrian.”_

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    @traq, thank you for your understanding.

    @deeve007, pls your reasoning is not rational.

    @mod, pls if you want to delete this thread, go ahead and do that.

    This is not in any way a sponsored or fabricated thread. I even went out of my way searching all over the internet looking for a scam reporting sites to report the two websites so that they will officially investigate their claims. I went to to check the age of the domains. When I discovered that both domains were registered and hosted about 4 months ago, I concluded that these guys may not be genuine. I came here to raise this alarm because I know a forum is usually made up of lots of people from different parts of the world. I thought may be somebody will come up here and tell me what i need to know about the two websites. Well, it’s ok.

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    Some good points raised here on all sides but I think we can call it quits now?

    I’ll close this off unless anyone seriously objects.

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